Monday, June 11, 2007

Music at your Office Desktop!!

Before I say some thing more, few questions I you need to answer

  • Can you take your iPod to the office?
  • Can you carry your camera phone which has an mp3 player?
  • Can you open,, or can you download mp3 to your office system?
  • Can you smuggle CDs or may be DVDs into your office premises?
  • Do you think if you could listen to your favorite music, you work efficiency would be hampered?

Well if you are unable to have a 'yes' in your mind while reading this, welcome to my tribe.

May be a solution awaits you saying "Bring Life to Digital Music. Access Your Music from Anywhere ".

I am waiting for the music widget, which I would put on this blog to show off my collections and may be the next time you read some other post of mine you might pull that off to your blog as well.

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