Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adobe is not ( AIR)!!

As the launch(Adobe Apollo-----> AIR) took off on 11th Monday, AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime) also announced the Bus tour for 18 different cities to make people aware of the things they might require in the near future. The Bus will be covering Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, St Louis, Cincinnati, New York and few more cities.

Well the bus looks some thing like this:

The bus will be wrapped when it goes for the tour so thought of showing it in its initial stages.

Now what happens when the bus reaches Portland?

Well they hit Kells Irish Pub(you want to see that as well):

Who all are invite? Anyone interested in learning more about the AIR.
What happens? A one night conference on Adobe AIR with technical sessions, showcases and discussion.

How much to shell out ? Its free and very much open to you if you are in the city on 12th July, all you need is to register prior your visit.(Please go to Adobe's web site, I cant give you the link here ).
What to Bring? Yourself, laptop, any Flex, HTML and JavaScript apps you want to get running on Adobe AIR. They will provide the beer, Red Bull, coffee, food, XBoxes, schwag, knowledge, venue and bits.

Well I certainly think Dekoh also has things building up at its end. Lets see what have they got to offer except for their incredible product?

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