Thursday, April 19, 2007

First user-generated Web 2.0 awards program

An award program of it own kind.

Here are the 10 categories for the Webware 100:

  1. Browsing: Web browsers, extensions, widgets, and security
  2. Communications: e-mail, chat, VOIP
  3. Community: social networks, groups
  4. Data: search, storage, backup, sharing, and sync
  5. Entertainment: Games and contests
  6. Media: audio, video, photo
  7. Mobile: portable utilities and apps
  8. Productivity: apps, business tools, commerce
  9. Publishing: blogging, web content, design tools
  10. Reference: Mapping, reference works, and education

Well all the 10 categories almost cover web activities going on right now. The products to watch out for.

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