Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bebo valuation is less when compared to facebook acquisition

Bebo, A famous biggest social networking website in Britain, the Irish Republic and New Zealand is in process to be sold.

Current valuation of the third biggest social networking site (bebo) in the US is $850m.

The Price is less when compared with the valuations of similar websites. Facebook 1.6% of stake is being sold for $240m, News corp brought Myspace for $580m but now estimates for worth more than $15bn.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yahoo OpenSocial Alliance?

New alliance is hot in the OpenSocial world. Google, Friendster, hi5, imeem, Linkedin, Dekoh, Myspace, Ning, Oracle, Orkut, Plaxo, SalessForce, Six Apart, Xing and many others on a GoogleOpen Social board. Yahoo is considering Google’s OpenSocial alliance, which would be the big throttle that will bring a tool and service which work across many web platforms. Everyone is there in the OpenSocial team, except Facebook, whose founder have some issues regarding secretive and cryptic.

Mildly positive comment on these rumors by Yahoo’s “yahoo has a rich history of supporting open standards, as they believe industry collaboration is beneficial to the developer community and the web as a whole, while they are evaluating OpenSocial as an emerging standard, they do not comment on speculation or rumors

Facebok will make there own life difficult by acting against the wishes of others, it will take them so far, at the end they will probably have to announce there support here.