Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Adobe AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime)

The new name for Adobe Apollo is now Adobe AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime).

Adobe is also announcing a beta version of the runtime, which will include Ajax and HTML support. This means developers can create an Apollo application entirely based on HTML, without using Flash at all.

AIR would be releasing by the end of this year.
AIR and Flex 3 released on Monday.
First time Adobe is simultaneously releasing its programming model and runtime for building rich Internet applications (RIAs) that can be run both on the Web and locally on the desktop.

AIR competes with other so-called Rich Internet Application runtimes, including Microsoft's new Silverlight software and Google Gears and the much talked Dekoh which also supports other web technologies like JSP, Servlets on the desktop.
Dekoh addresses this hole which Adobe has left. Dekoh is a social media platform on the desktop bringing web 2.0 functions like sharing, tagging, commenting, rating and RSS to the desktop.The second difference is Apollo applications run outside the browser, more like desktop applications where as dekoh runs inside the browser....

Apollo also announced a
bus tour in which Adobe will be traveling to 18 cities to perform demos and spread the word on the platform.

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