Thursday, November 22, 2007

Googler’s nabbed by facebook….

Will Facebook UI gets better than ever…?

As TechCrunch Reports, facebook is capturing the google employees.
Facebook is allegedly grabbing google employees. How and why? Because google become calm, and crossed his halfway of his age, while facebook have a cool offers for goolge employees.

According to sources, good number of top performers have made the switch over the last two months. Googler’s expect to continue seeing at least two to four more leave for facebook each month. Know facebook is targeting skim of the team. Many of the googler’s are leaving, or being actively recruited.

A steady stream of google employees are making the switch to facebook, and competition for top college graduate is fierce as well. Facebook just seems to have a hell of a lot “sexier” offer than Google.

Good, Maybe facebook will get a face lift and get a better. If only for the face lift, facebook is grabbing googler’s seems to making competition with google. If face lift is the only reason then here is a good UI company.
user experience, user interaction technology "For Facebook and Google reference

Anyhow, by these competition employee are getting a hell lot sexier then ever…cross the finger…and pray for this competition.


supernova17 said...

I hope they keep their Google stocks haha.

Anonymous said...

i want a job from facebook

Web Satan said...

Well I think Facebook is just fine. It has got an amazing UI.
Few things i would like to put forward out here.

Facebook is definitely not in competition with Google as both of them have different business models.

As far as the poaching is concerned Facebook is a cool place to work for, so if they are paying well then why not.

Mr. He man it seems you are a major fan of the Dekoh company.

Any way the concept they have is truly ground breaking, however the awareness among the mass would have to wait.

veduvaru said...

lucky for google employees

ronnie6833 said...

agree. the offer i suppose is bigger

phexchanger said...

Any comment from people who transferred from Google to Facebook?

Danna said...

yeah... I think the same... it surely offers more money!

Smita Jha said...

On a different note, just wanted to say thanks for dropping by :-) Not much that I can comment here on though. Software ain't my turf :((

gale said...

yes, i believe facebook will become one of the most sought-after companies to work for in the near future. then again, i wouldn't mind working for google :)

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