Monday, November 19, 2007

Flickr by place

You can find a new way to browse the worlds happening.

Flickr, Yhaoo Inc’s online photo-sharing site, introducing a set of mapping features, this week, that makes it easier to find photo based on their location.

“Places” the new service identify latest hot-spots on global map for photo contribution.

Flicker is going to start on Monday his new service “places” where web user can browse photos from millions of geographically located photos on the site

Web user can now search photo that might interest them, by more than 100,000 geographical places names. More of the countries, city and regions have their own featured pages.

User can click on a category tag, that will take them to selection of photo, giving them a glance of other flicker users what they find interesting on that tag.

Now the site will give more local appeal to users, as well as attract prospective travelers seeking to get beyond photos of landmark for places they plan to visit

Flickr is increasing new location pages per week.
Places will be available in the eight languages that flickr now offers—English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and traditional Chinese.



giri said...

Cool!! I've an idea they can even use same application for other cool things like showing weather of the places for last day, week or month by showing all those images which are tagged as 'weather'.

Andy5925 said...

Very cool...I have been lucky enough to work on a project that does something similar. The Georgia Aquariums International Adventure ( The program places peoples photos taken at the aquarium from Flickr on a giant map around the world.

giri said...

@andy5925:- cool mashup you've created! BTW the correct url is

kaeda said...

aye, neat!

DanLar said...


NSider Bot said...

Now this is what I call innovation, but it's gonna be a costly job.

dark child said...

hmmm..pretty neat idea. Though Google Earth already has something like this.

berto said...

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